Quality testing and inspection

Our quality team is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards throughout the manufacturing process. Quality control is a key aspect of manufacturing high precision components and tooling, and we have invested in a range of inspection equipment to ensure that we consistently deliver the highest quality work to the tight tolerances our customers require.

We work to national and international standards, including AS9100 & ISO9001:2008; use controlled processes for non-conventional machining, which includes NADCAP accreditation to assure the quality of our work for the aerospace and defence sectors; and will report against a customer’s own standards on request.

We offer a certification service and can either confirm that an item achieves the required tolerances or provide a detailed report showing exact measurements.


We use whatever inspection tools are most appropriate to check each feature of a component to the drawing requirements, from micrometers to CNC CMMs, which offer both touch probe and non-contact inspection using a light based application.


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NADCAP Certification

AS9100 ISO9001 2008 Certification

WI 002 Supplier Requirements Iss 3


Quality testing and inspection



Hexagon Global Performance 12.30.10Hexagon Global Performance 12.30.10

The addition of a Hexagon Metrology Machine Global Performance 12.30.10 MMC, which is housed in a purpose built climate controlled environment, enhances A&M’s capacity to deliver a seamless service. High accuracy and throughput make the GLOBAL Performance suitable for most measuring applications, from prismatic parts up to parts with complex geometries and free-form surfaces. Multi-sensor technology offers the appropriate probing configuration – no matter if single-point measurements, high accuracy scanning or reverse engineering operations are needed.

Project XProject X

Project X is an advanced vision system for non- contact shop floor measurement and features Aberlink’s powerful vision software plus a host of easy-to-use inspection tools.

Key features

  • Fully automated CNC, or manual, non-contact inspection for small and delicate parts
  • Small enough to be positioned on the production workbench
  • Aberlink’s easy-to-use vision measurement software (now standard on many OEM systems)
  • High speed optical scanning - up to 5000 points/second
  • Generous measurement area and stand off, ideal for measuring over tall features
  • Robust outer casing protects the system from damage and contamination
  • Fully programmable digital zoom, no need to change lenses
  • Directional overhead lights and back light provide profile and surface feature inspection
  • No need to clamp the part, the camera moves in, over and around the part
  • Easy-to-use measurement software with powerful edge detection tools for maximum accuracy
  • Fine adjust hand wheels for manual operation
  • Measures accurately even when the feature is not in focus
  • High performance air bearing design with integral air compressor

We also have Mahr Digimar DX1, Mitutoyo PH3500, Vision Engineering Dynascope, Mitutoyo S-400 Surface Tester and Zwick Roell hardness testing equipment.

Axiom Too CMMAxiom Too CMM

The Axiom too range of reasonably priced high performance CNC CMM’s are ideal for volume production. The high quality shop floor design features Aberlink’s easy-to-use software plus the flexibility of touch probe and non-contact inspection using the optional Aberlink CMM camera.

Key features

  • Aberlink’s easy-to-use measurement software (now standard on many OEM systems)
  • Shortest learning curve of any similar system - 1.5 days without prior CMM experience
  • Smallest overall footprint of any equivalent size CMM
  • Choice of sizes ranging from 600mm to 1500mm
  • Suitable for the quality audit room and workshop environment
  • High tech air bearing design incorporating the latest materials technology
  • Anti-vibration protection from local machine tools as standard
  • Ergonomic touch sensitive 3D joystick and variable speed control
  • Comprehensive range of probing options and accessories
  • Temperature compensation option for unstable environments
  • Optional CMM camera system option for non-contact inspection
  • Optional Laser Scanner option for non-contact inspection
  • Free stylus change rack with every motorised probe head upgrade

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In addition, we also have the following inspection equipment:

  • Axiom Too CMM Bed 1000x1500x400
  • AZNU Injector Tester
  • Bowers Digital Bore Micrometre
  • Creaform Handyscan 7000
  • Digimax DX1 Micro Height
  • Dynascope
  • Erbessed Balancing Machine
  • Lazer marking
  • Mahr Digital Bore Micrometre
  • Mantis Elite Microscope
  • Mititoyo Digital Bore Micrometre
  • Mititoyo SJ400 Taly Surf
  • PH 3500 Shadow Graph
  • Photonic PL2000 Microscope
  • Project X Vision measuring machine
  • Sylvac Hi-Cal 300 Micro height gauge
  • Zwick/Roell ZMU hardness Tester

We also have the following CAD software

  • DelCam Blisk Machine
  • DelCam Five Axis (3 seats)
  • DelCam Port Machining
  • EZ EDM (3 seats)
  • PEPS (4 seats)
  • PowerShape (4 seats)
  • PowerShape Pro (2 seats)
  • Solidworks
  • Vero (4 seats)