Milling & Turning

A&M EDM is unusual in combining a comprehensive range of EDM and CNC machining services with a fully equipped traditional toolroom staffed by highly experienced machinists.

By combining high precision conventional milling and turning with our other services we have the versatility and expertise to solve the most complex customer problems. Providing all these services in-house helps us to retain control, schedule work flexibly and meet the tightest deadlines.


Hand milling is ideal for certain applications, and combined with hand turning enables us to make our own jigs for checking components and holding parts so that we can then then use the ‘lock and load’ capabilities of our CNC machines. Experience has given us a ‘feel’ for what can be done and means we can machine the most complex parts to high tolerances. Customers can speak directly to one of our team to work out the best solution to their needs. They often come to us with a drawing of a complex part for which they require a manufacturing solution, confident that we have the capabilities to solve their problem.


We carry out manual turning to machine high precision small parts down to a diameter of 500mm. As well as round parts we can work on rectangular items and carry out eccentric turning. We have produced parts for a wide range of applications, from the Mars lander to high performance cars and drives for miniature engines. We work across a wide range of materials, from stainless steel, aluminium, titanium and Inconel to nylon.


Milling & Turning




We also have a range of conventional millers, grinders and lathes including Jones and Shipman, Colchester and Huron equipment. Our 150 tonnes HME ‘try out’ press allows us to ensure the reliability and functionality of our products.

XYZ Proturn ELX1440XYZ Proturn ELX1440

Brand new control and lathe designed with education and first time users in mind. Up to 10 times faster than a manual lathe at a similar cost. Swing over bed 350mm, spindle bore 40mm, distance between centres 1016mm, Max 2400 RPM 12 Speeds (No CSS).

XYZ 2000XYZ 2000

3HP variable speed head, 50” x 10” (1270x254mm) table 30” x 16” (750x380mm) travel
XYZ 1500
3HP Variable speed head 42” x 9” Table
26” x 13” Travel

XYZ EMX 3000XYZ EMX 3000

5 HP variable speed head
54” x 12” (1371 x 305mm) table 32” x 17” (780 x 410mm) travel guards removed for clarity
3HP variable speed head

Both EMX machines are fitted with ProtoTRAK ® EMX Control The EMX eMill is fitted with the ProtoTRAK EMX control. This control is an entry level 2 axis CNC control with up to 4 axis DRO display and is able to do simple cycles like bolt hole circles, circular and rectangular pockets, even complex profiles. This control offers a real leap forward in the productivity of a turret mill - one day no one will buy a conventional DRO for a turret mill.

XYZ EMX 2000XYZ EMX 2000

3HP variable speed head
50” x10” (1270 x 254mm) table 30” x 16” (750 x 380mm) travel guards removed for clarity


The TMM10 slant-bed lathe with live tooling exemplifies the flexibility of the Hurco integrated control. Setup is a snap and programming is streamlined so you can efficiently produce small to medium size lots of parts that require turning and secondary milling/drilling operations. Not only will you benefit from one setup, you won’t lose accuracy because there’s no need to refixture. Because all of the Hurco lathes are designed as true slant-bed lathes, the weight is on the ball screw, which makes the TMM10 rigid. Also, the weight of the frame is heavier than competitive products.


The power and flexibility of the integrated Hurco control is powered by WinMax®. It can be programmed on the shop floor with Hurco’s patented conversational programming or industry standard NC. Choose the best method of programming for each individual job. Additionally, the easy to use touch screen provides helpful setup and verification graphics that show cuts on the screen before they are executed.


Hurco’s TM6 CNC slant-bed turning centre is equipped with a 6-inch chuck and has a maximum cutting diameter of 10 inches. It’s the perfect size for even the smallest of shops and ideally suited for bar feeder work. The TM6 is a true slant-bed lathe, which is not common for a machine so compact, the single-piece bed casting provides excellent control of cutting forces.