EDM spark erosion

Our extensive EDM spark erosion capabilities enable us to machine intricate detail to very tight tolerances in the hardest materials, including hardened steel, Monel, titanium, tungsten carbide, tantalum, Super Duplex and Inconel. We can create contours or cavities in any conductive materials which are too hard to drill, avoiding the need for time-consuming heat treatment.

With six spark erosion machines we can handle components of all sizes, from needle holders for medical applications to large items such as production tools. Linear drive technology means we can produce very deep rib forms in a fraction of the time of conventional EDM machines. We also manufacture our own electrodes in-house, and can run the machines overnight to provide 24 hour capability. This enables us to offer highly competitive prices and rapid turnaround times.

We are happy to consider any machining challenge and will use our experience to work with you to find the best solution for your needs. So whether you need a rapid replacement for a key production tool, or a complex piece of machining, contact us to speak directly to one of our EDM spark erosion team.


We have a range of Sodick CNC spark erosion machines. They have a simplified control mechanism which provides a direct link between the drive and the control, ensuring a rapid servo response and optimal spark gap at all times. Automatic tool changers ensure we can meet the most demanding requirements for speed, surface finish and accuracy.


EDM spark erosion




The AG100L is Sodick’s newest CNC Sinker EDM, with an automatic front door vertically sliding tank which enables large workpieces to be easily loaded and unloaded. It features Sodick’s linear motor technology, with simplified control mechanisms which provide a direct link between the drive and control to ensure ensures the fastest possible servo response time and optimal spark gaps at all times. It also includes the new ‘Arc-less’ electrical discharge circuit. This enables no-arc machining, which greatly reduces the machining cycle time and the number of electrodes used.

We have additional capacity with an A65R spark eroder.

AG60L (x2)AG60L (x2)

The AG60L Sinker EDM features Sodick’s linear motor technology, which provides higher manufacturing efficiency. The linear motor’s fast 1,400”/min axis feed combined with high 1.2G acceleration creates its own natural and even flushing condition. It incorporates a CF card for data storage to enhance reliability and save energy, and features the TMM3 electric discharge power supply unit, which increases machining speed when cutting cemented carbide and other difficult to cut materials.


The AG80L Sinker EDM is a precision machining solution for large aerospace and energy related parts and dies/moulds that require close tolerances, fine surface finishes and deep rib machining. Its automatic three sided vertically sliding drop tank enables large workpieces to be easily loaded and unloaded. The AG80L features Sodick’s linear motor technology and simplified control mechanisms which provide a direct link between the drive and control, ensuring the fastest possible servo response time and optimal spark gaps at all times.


The highly responsive linear system of the AQ35 provides the optimum discharge gap at all times and improves the discharge frequency. The AQ series reduces vibration and noise and the new R head and spindle guarantees a stable rotation at all times from low to high speed. It is designed to accelerate to its maximum speed and machine deep cavities without flushing. This high speed and precise servo system achieves efficient orbit machining from rough to finish by controlling 3 axes simultaneously.

AM35 LinearAM35 Linear

The AM35 is CNC sinker EDM with c-axis. Its XYZ travel is 13.7x 9.8x 9.8 inches. The work tank’s inner dimensions are 32x 23 x 13. The machine tool weight is 6,000 lbs
It is equipped with a fire extinguisher, chiller and fine surface finishing.