CNC machining

CNC machining has become one of our core strengths. We continue to invest in the latest milling and turning equipment and develop new methods and strategies to tackle the wide range of challenges that come our way.

We recently acquired a new 25,000 square foot factory which enabled us to add four new Hurco CNC machining centres and a CNC turning centre to our existing capacity, supported by two 10 tonne cranes to handle the largest items. Our mix of 3, 4 and 5 axis machines all use the same tool tables so that we can move work flexibly from one to another to optimise capacity use and ensure rapid turnaround times.

We work on all types of materials, from composites through the range to more hardened materials such as titanium and Inconel. Our skilled team can machine anything from a small nut to a 3.2m x 2.1m block, working to 5 micron tolerances. Typical projects may include 3D machining, 3D and 2D platework, drilling, reaming, counterboring etc., while 5 axis machining enables us to go all the way from a single block to a finished part.

We frequently work with our customers to improve their designs, such as putting in pockets to create additional strength. One piece of work required 1100 hours of machining and the customer came to watch to find out how it was done!


We have 18 Hurco CNC machining centres plus a Sodick centre to provide high speed milling. We can programme multiple operations and run work as ‘lock and load’, with the equipment operating unmanned and ‘lights out’ overnight and at weekends using optimised speeds. We have also invested in shrink fit tooling, which reduces vibration and improves tool life.



CNC machining


Hurco equipment


Adding capacity at the top end, A&M EDM Limited has increased the range of Hurco machining centres with the addition of a VMX84Ti. Hurco state that the VMX is their signature line machining centre taking machining to the next level. These machines deliver high performance capabilities to any machining application.


The 5-axis machining center VMX 60 SR uses Hurco control WinMax and has X-axis travel of 1525mm with Y-axis 660mm and Z 610. Tilting +/- 92 degrees in continuous and table rotation +/- 360 degrees continuously. It works at 15000 rpm and has a high pressure through spindle, change tool chain with 40 locations ISO 40 and a chip conveyor.

VMX 42i (3)VMX 42i (3)

The Hurco VMX42i is a high speed machining center equipped with Hurco’s patented motion control system, UltiMotion, which reduces cycle time by as much as 35%. Since UltiMotion utilizes complex software algorithms for motion planning instead of conventional hardware, machine jerk is substantially reduced, which provides the added benefit of improved surface finish quality. The integral spindle has an 18k base speed spindle and is equipped with ABEC-7 ceramic hybrid bearings to manage the thermal issues associated with high speed machining (HSM). The air-over-oil spindle lubrication distributes oil evenly and prevents bearings from grease starvation. The faster ATC supports HSK tooling and has a chip-to-chip time of 4.5 seconds.

DCX 22DCX 22

This 2-metre machine with more than 1.75 metres in Y is perfect for large dies, moulds, and parts for aerospace and the energy sector. Additionally, dynamic behaviour of the dual column design is superior to a gantry design because on a gantry machine three axes are far removed from the work area. You can count on quality construction and we use both dynamic and finite element analysis to ensure the DCX22 is a rigid machine you can rely on to get the job done.

DCX 32 (2)DCX 32 (2)

The Hurco DCX32, a 3-meter VMC, has become increasingly popular with shops who have aerospace work. It has a work envelope of 3.2 x 2.2 x 920 mm which allows for machining larger airframe components or fixture multiple parts for more efficient production. With XYZ travels of 126” x 82.7” x 36.2”, the DCX 32 has a double-column, bridge-type construction that enables the large Y-axis to travel without the loss of rigidity.

VM3 (x2)VM3 (x2)

The VM3’s 50-inch table efficiently handles small and repetitive jobs.


The VM1 CNC vertical machining is slim line with touch screen, Conversational Programming and control options which include Ramp/Helical Entry, Rigid Tap, DXF, Ultipockets. It has and RS232 T-Base, 10 Ports and a 16-Position Side Mount Tool Changer.

VMX 30VMX 30

VMX 30 is a legitimate 1270mm X-travel machine. It’s ideal for manufacturing long parts while not demanding excessive floor space. It is a solidly built, one-piece machine base that comes standard with a 40 taper, 10,000 RPM spindle. It also has a 20-pocket, swing- arm tool changer. It comes standard with Hurco’s Max control, making it one of the most flexible machines on the market.


The VM10 is the fastest growing vertical machining centre in the UK because of its perfect combination of size and functionality. It has the smallest footprint and large capacity for efficient machining and productivity. The 660x406x508 mm work envelope in a 1.8x1.6m working footprint makes the VM1 very attractive for most applications.


The VMX30 is designed with the largest travels in its class (762x508x610 mm). It’s also built to handle the demands of shops needing big output but having only limited space. The high-speed feed rates ensure superior finish quality and Hurco’s control system makes the VMX30 a machine with far more capability and capacity than those costing significantly more. It’s also an ideal platform for Hurco’s optional rotary tables for applications requiring 4th axis capabilities. The 24-station automatic tool changer goes from tool to tool in three seconds. That’s just more evidence that the VMX30 is about speed as much as it is power.

Sodick equipment

Sodick 430 L HSSodick 430 L HS

designed and built for high speed milling. Sperodial castings: This material is known for its strength and ability to resist temperature changes, and provide excellent shock and vibration dampening characteristics for superior machine rigidity.

Linear motor axis drives: Sodick’s high speed mills use linear motor-based axis drives. Linear motors have no moving parts (ball-screws, ball-nuts, rotary motor). Therefore, no component will thermally expand, and there will be no- backlash in the drive system. Linear motors provide high acceleration (1.2G) and high speed feeds (1,440”/min.).