CNC laser welding

Laser welding creates a deep, narrow penetration weld through the absorption of laser power by thermal conduction or ‘keyholing’. It typically uses less heat than conventional welding and directs it more closely. We have made a significant investment in laser welding equipment in order to provide a comprehensive precision machining offer and fast turnaround times, avoiding the need to send work outside the company.

For example, there is a growing demand for rotors and stators made from electrical non-orientated steel laminations, particularly in the hybrid automotive sector. By combining our laser welding skills and our ability to produce and service the tooling to manufacture individual laminations, we can provide a total solution for this market.

If the fit between the two parts to be welded is good, there is no need to add additional material by using e.g. a welding rod. We can also add material, for example in tool and mould repair in order to build up worn surfaces so that tools can be refurbished, and if a part has been made too small so that it can then be machined again to the correct size.


Our laser welding equipment can create both spot welds, using a galvo head to deflect the beam, as in laser marking, and seam welds, using overlapping spots or with a continuous beam. We test the quality of the resulting seal to pressures from 3bar to 10bar, depending on the end requirements.


We have two Rofin Baasel machines

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CNC laser welding



Rofin SW OpenRofin SW Open

The Rofin Star Weld Tool Open is an extremely flexible system for mould repair. It is designed for deposit welding on small to very large moulds. The Laser is a complete standalone system that incorporates all the necessary functions of cooling, XYZ axis, etc. In addition, A&M EDM Limited has invested in a range of safety equipment which will enable them to deliver the service at your site, which offers the maximum flexibility when you need it.