Research & development

A&M EDM offers an innovative in-house research & development (R&D) capability to complement our manufacturing skills. We combine design expertise and the latest CAD software with our materials knowledge and process insight, enabling us to work closely with our customers to solve their most challenging precision engineering problems.

We can advise on all aspects of product design and development, from mechanics to materials. This includes support on the mechanical calculations to validate a design, carrying out traditional longhand calculations of stress or structure which we then triangulate with finite element analysis.

We also work on product testing and design for manufacture, developing innovative manufacturing techniques to ensure that parts can successfully make the transition from technical drawing to finished product. Our experienced team have an in-depth understanding of the properties of the materials they work with and the tools they use, enabling them to bypass process limitations and find the optimum manufacturing solution.

We can work on projects of any scale, from consulting on small aspects of mechanical or aerodynamic design to designing and manufacturing an entire engine and transmission system.

Examples of our work include:

  • Designing and manufacturing a new crank and connecting rod assembly for a Rally Raid motorbike which will compete in the 2015 Dakar Rally
  • Laboratory testing suspension components and advising on structural design for Rally Raid motorcycles
  • Design consultancy and structural testing on the strength and effectiveness of motorcycle armour and protective equipment
  • Making design modifications to remote manipulator arms which have increased their effectiveness and performance by at least an order of magnitude (factor of 10)
  • Consulting on the design and structural analysis of induction and mounting systems for hydrogen fuel cell power units.

    structural stress, strain and fatigue factor of safety bolt load and torque friction bearing load bending and deflection inertial calculations

    • Material selection
    • Investigative report writing
    • On-site support
    • Weight reduction
    • Laboratory and structural stress testing Innovative manufacturing solutions and Design For Manufacture (DFM)