Precision Engineering

CNC machining is one of A&M’s core strengths.

We continue to invest in the latest milling and turning equipment and innovate to use our machinery and tooling to their full potential, delivering quality and a fast turnaround.

We invested in a second 41,000 square foot factory, adding CNC machining centres and a turning centre to expand our capacity, supported by two 10 tonne cranes to handle the largest items.

Our mix of 3, 4 and 5 axis machines allow us to cover a diverse range of job sizes from small watch components, using our 40000 rpm high speed miller, to large plate work up to 3.2m x 2.1m, All our machines use the same tool tables, which gives us the flexibility to optimise capacity use and ensure rapid turnaround.

We produce components from a variety of materials ranging from tool steels to composites and exotic materials Our skilled team can produce precision components to tight 5 micron tolerances.

Typical projects include 3D machining, 3D and 2D platework, drilling, reaming and counterboring, while 5 axis machining enables us to go all the way from a single block to a finished part.

We frequently work with our customers using the skills built up over time to suggest improvements to their designs and ensure that we produce what our customer needs first time. One piece of work required 1100 hours of machining and the customer visited our site  to study and understand the complexities involved in achieving the quality required.

More details can be found on our equipment download page here

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