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Updated equipment list download includes new Rhino 6 3D CAD software

We’ve just updated our equipment list for August.

This includes our new Rhino 6 3D CAD modelling software package to accurately model designs ready for rendering and manufacturing.

The photo shows an Austin Mini classic 12G 940 race cylinder head, originally hand ported.

We've Reverse Engineered using 3D laser scan to ensure all features are identical and using Rhino its now ready for 5Axis CNC machining.


Building a plastic shredder kit to reduce and recycle plastic waste

Our fabrication team are building a plastic shredder for recycling.

The engine’s just been delivered & will be assembled with the cutter and other parts.

We’re using the Precious Plastic online kit:



The world’s largest nuclear fusion engineering project.

Nice to think our innovative precision engineering has contributed in a small way to the world’s largest nuclear fusion project



A&M profiled by Next Gen Makers

A&M EDM’s profile in the Next Gen Makers Prospectus, encouraging young people into engineering and manufacturing careers.

Wire Erosion cutting to tight tolerances

Wire erosion precision in action, right on the 500mm Z limit on our Sodick AQ750LH, cutting keyways to tight tolerances.

3D Laser Scanning a classic Mini A+ Engine block

Film of us 3D laser scanning a classic Mini A+ Engine block for a customer, using a Creaform 3D Handyscan and Rhino 3D CAD software.

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