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Senior civil servant from the Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy spends at day at A&M

We hosted Emily Bourne, a Director at BEIS at A&M for a day in industry, to learn how business works.

New website for Mako motorised surfboards

Our customer Mako Boardsports has launched a new website for their incredible motorised surfboards.

New heavy duty Bandsaw

Our first investment of 2019. A new Addison V2812 vertical Bandsaw for heavy duty cutting of metals and other materials.

Nigel Evans adds his experience to A&M's team

Nigel Evans is the latest addition to A&M’s growing team.

Nigel has extensive experience in manufacturing management and tool making operations and will oversee A&M’s press tool breakdown service.

Scanning fixtures

Scanning Fixtures, we have manufactured and ready for dispatch to a customer.

Back to full production for 2019

We're back to full production for 2019, here's an example of tooling we are manufacturing for a customer.

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